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Under your Spell Hai! Kevin, Gay, 19. ESFJ.
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I ship Tillow, Spuffy, Cangle and Naomily till death (quite literally).
T -2 years for The Winds of Winter

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Favorite lady ship: Willow & Tara

All the Ladies Meme

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make me choose: caroline forbes or buffy summer's puns

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Make Me Choose
the-other-lannister-girl asked: Twillow or Destiel

"There’s so much to work through.  Trust has to build again… on both sides.  You have to learn if you’re even the same people you were, if you can fit into each other’s lives.  It’s a long and important process and can we just skip it?  Can you just be kissing me now?"

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer is an incredibly clever, complex and extraordinary show, contributing to the birth of female empowerment portrayed in television and constructing positive role models for young women in particular. The show was born in a still very traditional patriarchal society, and has since created characters such as Buffy and her fellow friends and allies for female audiences to idolise and adore - “these stories give people strength”. Along with the establishment of the first long-term lesbian relationship to be seen on network television, Joss Whedon and Buffy have taken an enormous step towards equality, a necessity enabling survival in the modern day world.

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Favourite Skins Quotes → Gen 1

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Leavin’ boys behind 

'Cause it's legal just to kill

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I’m Naomi. I hate injustice. People tell lies about me.

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Tara does a great deal of work to say still, and strong, and hold up those around her. She withstands assaults from within and from without. Tara is the earth. Tara is structure. (x)

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Heroes fight. They change it. 

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